Slurry pump bearing assembly

1. Slurry pump bearing assembly

Slurry pump bearings are generally domestic bearings, lubrication system for thin oil, if the user has special requirements can be selected according to the requirements

(1) bearing assembly matters needing attention

① Qualified bearings must be used

(2) check bearing inner diameter, outer diameter, width, parallelism of both ends of the raceway and surface roughness, and whether there are defects such as rust and spots, and whether the rotation is flexible

(3) for angular contact bearings and double-row self-aligning bearings, the bearing clearance should be inspected respectively, the raceway center should be found, and whether the bearing is padded should be checked

(4) When assembling detachable bearings, they must be installed in accordance with the inner and outer ring positioning marks, and cannot be disorderly

⑤ for the bearing with adjustable head assembly, the numbered end should be outward during assembly to identify

(2) shaft assembly

(1) In order to avoid biting with the matching surface, a layer of lubricating oil should be coated on the mounting surface in advance before assembly to protect the shaft hole from damage

The bearing is installed by hot loading method. The bearing is put into the heating box containing oil and heated to 80-100℃ with the oil. The matching surface should all be immersed in the oil and the oil temperature should not be too high

After hot loading, it should be cooled naturally, and sudden cooling is not allowed to avoid damage

Install the bearing first, then install the retaining sleeve and round nut and tighten the bearing

Check whether the bearing is close to the shaft, and the rotation should be flexible and smooth

Then install the bearing box

Reload the front bearing, the sealing ring on the bearing box

Finally install the other parts on the shaft sectionslurry pump

Post time: Jun-22-2021