The core technology field is slightly lagging behind, the rise of my country’s pump industry has a long way to go

For a period of time, the development of my country’s pump industry has been advancing by leaps and bounds. Driven by the country’s favorable manufacturing policies, both the industrial scale and technical standards have been greatly improved through the introduction of multiple methods such as absorption, renewal and transformation, and digestion and innovation. In particular, the level of supporting products for some major pump technologies and equipment has reached the international leading level.

It is understood that under the guidance of market demand, my country’s high-end pump products such as large-scale high-pressure pumps with independent intellectual property rights have formed sufficient and considerable supporting capabilities for the fields of electric power, metallurgy, petrochemicals, and environmental protection. And with the structural reform of the supply side and the improvement of the overall technical level, the overall strength of my country’s pump industry has greatly shortened the gap with developed countries.

After entering the “13th Five-Year Plan”, the implementation of large-scale engineering facilities has accelerated, and energy conservation and emission reduction in key areas has become one of the focus of work. The blue sky defense battle, water pollution prevention and control, and heavy metal control have advanced in depth, and the process of pollution prevention and control has been vigorously promoted. The importance of the pump industry is self-evident.

Data show that the market size of my country’s pump industry in 2017 was around 170 billion. Incomplete statistics show that there are nearly 7,000 pump companies nationwide and more than 1,000 enterprises above designated size. With the favorable fermentation of national and local policies, the industry’s future prospects are not impressive.

Rapid progress, world-renowned attention, outstanding achievements… These words of praise are appropriately used in the pump industry in our country, but behind the blooming flowers, there are also problems that cannot be ignored.

First, the number of SMEs is too large. In the process of rapid development of the pump industry, small and medium-sized pump companies and private pump companies have sprung up one after another, and occupy a large proportion of the total number of pump companies. There is a lack of large companies, and the brand and essence of small companies are not strong, which is not conducive to the overall development of the pump industry.

Second, the market concentration is low. With the slowing down of market demand and sufficient supply, my country’s pump industry continues to mature, but the market capacity of 100 billion yuan is ready to go. Compared with the huge market size, the market concentration is low, and the annual sales of the largest enterprise are less than 10 billion or even less than 5 billion. Therefore, there is an urgent need to increase market concentration.

Third, in accordance with the country’s strategic guidelines of “introduction, digestion, absorption, and innovation”, my country’s pump industry has indeed benefited quite a bit. However, in actual operations, more companies tend to introduce There are even few, which makes the development of my country’s pump industry fall into a strange circle. There are not many and fewer technologies with independent intellectual property rights.

Generally speaking, although most of the product categories in my country’s pump industry have achieved independent production and manufacturing, there are few product categories with independent intellectual property rights, and more core technologies are in the hands of developed countries, so that my country’s pump companies are in a low-end position . Moreover, due to the shortcomings in basic technology research, the development of basic machinery and basic components in my country’s pump industry is lagging behind, which has become a major obstacle to the development of the industry, and it is also facing the risk of eliminating outdated production capacity. Therefore, the rise of the pump industry has a long way to go. .

Post time: Dec-17-2020